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Questions: Self Confidence and Self-Defence

This episode is great for parents looking to boost their child's self confidence whilst at the same time learning a life long skill.

This was destined to be a super-fun episode of #alwayschildfocused: Questions and it did not disappoint! We were thrilled to have Sav, the professor and owner of Gracie Jiu Jitsu Botany and Vicki - both of whom fit into that special category of human being who have a passion for coaching children as well as children with additional needs.

Gracie Botany is just around the corner from our head office and even from the outside - looks like one of the happiest places in Sydney (Sav at left and Christian at right in the image) .

What does jiu jitsu have to do with children? Everything as you will discover listening to this laughter filled podcast. With outcomes that include confidence building and resilience whilst incorporating a team environment - this is a sport and self defence that both parents and children can build on for life.

Sav and Vicki have promised to return to the podcast soon and we honestly can't wait!

Find out more info about Gracie Botany, jiu jitsu and self-defence at

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