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Every family's journey through contact arrangements is unique and we understand that. That's why Jakki - our Service Manager - and our team takes so much pride in supporting our families through each step. From thorough intake assessments and playful child familiarisations sessions to allocating a suitable Contact Worker for each family entering the Service, Holding Hands Family Service provides an #alwayschildfocused approach that promotes a sense of security for children and confidence for their parents.


Meet the senior members of our team here.

Virtual Team Meeting
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Senior Contact Workers 

Senior Contact Workers are the most experienced Contact Workers within the Service. In addition to their allocation of families who use our service for Contact Visits, Senior Contact Workers:

  • Conduct Intake Assessments for incoming families. 

  • Lead group discussion at regular training sessions

  • Assist in the induction process for new Contact Workers. 

  • Provides support to other Contact Worker's through occasional attendance at contact visits. 

Senior Contact Workers also attend regular Intake Training & Development Sessions to review and improve the quality of the service provided to our families. 

Contact Workers 

Contact Workers who work for Holding Hands Family Services come from a variety of social work and welfare related backgrounds. After being selected by our Service Manager, new Contact Workers are put through our  structured in-house induction and training program prior to having a family allocated to them. 

All Contact Workers at Holding Hands Family Services are required to attend regular training sessions that includes guest speakers from the Family Law sector. In addition to these trains sessions, each Contact Worker also received continuous support from our Service Manager and Senior Contact Workers to ensure that our service remains #alwayschildfocused

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Post Separation Specialists 

Holding Hands Family Services currently employs a Post Separation Specialist to provide ongoing support to

assist parents to strengthen their relationship with their children during and outside of their contact arrangements.

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