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Questions: Big Feelings in Little People

This is a great episode for parents who feel their children could benefit from some support with their big feelings and emotional regulation…. So all parents…

Our Service Manager Jakki happened across the Inspiraminds stall at a local weekend markets recently and within a few minutes she invited Dominique onto the podcast to discuss her passion. You’ll only have to listen for 60 seconds to be as captivated as we were.

Inspiraminds provides a series of books to support children’s understanding of big feelings

and emotional regulation. Now we think you’ll agree that a fair amount of adults have trouble regulating their emotions so why wouldn't we want to support our children to be better at it?

What an amazing skill to learn! And with characters like Raging Riley, Claudia Cool, Sensitive Sam and Pressured Penny (hey! Stop thinking about the people you went to school with who might be like these characters and focus!!) we think this is an invaluable resource for any parent of pre-school and primary school aged children.

Find more information about Dominique and Inspiraminds at

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