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Mothering Our Boys: A Guide for Mums of Sons

Mothering Our Boys: A Guide for Mums of Sons


If we can see the world through boys' eyes a little better, we will make different choices in the way we mother them... and we will find them less confusing, and love them more deeply...

Mothers of sons are worried about raising their boys in a world where negative images of masculinity are front and centre of our media, almost every day. Not only that, but statistically our boys are still struggling in many ways.

Even though we live in a time where we recognise that nothing in gender is fixed, it remains a fact that the influence of a mother on her son is massive.

A mother of four sons herself, Maggie Dent draws on her personal experience - and over four decades work as a teacher, counsellor and now author and speaker - to help build understanding, empathy and compassion for our boys. 

Maggie shares her five key secrets that every mum needs to know, and uses the voices of men she has worked with and surveyed to reveal what really matters in a boy's relationship with his mother and other mother figures.

Maggie is one of Australia's most popular parenting educators and her seminars about boys have sold out all across Australia and in the UK. She is finally sharing her insights, her reflections, and (as always) her humour around mothering boys in this book that will help you be the mum your son needs you to be.

Book Features:

  • The author is well-known to Australian parents, and sought after by media for her common-sense views on parenting. She has appeared on Sunrise, TODAY (where she was resident parenting expert for 2 years), The Daily Edition, Today Tonight and news, as well as appearing regularly on ABC and commercial radio around Australia. Maggie writes monthly for Fairfax’s Essential Kids blog, and regularly appears in other parenting media. 
  • Maggie Dent has a huge grassroots following around Australia, with a packed speaking schedule, more than 138,000 Facebook followers, and a strong media profile.
  • As a mum of four sons herself, and a former teacher and counsellor when Maggie talks about boys people listen. Her boys’ seminars regularly sell out all across Australia (commonly 600 and 1200-seat venues). 
  • And in her first mini-tour of the UK in April 2018, she also sold out here 3 boys’ seminars there. Her articles are regularly shared by Steve Biddulph (who wrote THE bible on raising boys, "Raising Boys", and has just released the 25th anniversary edition of his book in April 2018). 
  • Maggie will be presenting alongside Steve Biddulph in late August at her conference, "Raising Gorgeous Boys to Become Good Men". Her book is a great complement to his work, focusing on the mother/son relationship specifically.
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