COVID19 Update - 15th March 2020

Following a successful implementation of the first stage of our COVID-19 Management Plan during our weekend visits, the management team of Holding Hands has made the decision to continue with the current plan in light of advice provided by the Australian Government earlier this afternoon.  What this plan means for our families:

  • Where practical, visits will occur in outdoor locations to help facilitate 'social distancing'.

  • In the event of inclement weather, visits may be held in indoor locations (subject to approval by the Service Manager on a case-by-case basis)  

  • The Service Manager on the advice of your allocated Contact Worker may change the location of meetings points to avoid crowded areas. These changes may occur during the course of the visit.

  • Where safe and appropriate, the Contact Worker will limit the amount of unnecessary contact that they have with the child and parents. 

  • Contact Worker will constantly monitor the amount of people in the immediate area that the visit is being held in and move the visit to other areas within the visit location at their discretion. 

  • The Contact Worker will encourage increased hygiene throughout the visit including encouraging families to avoid unnecessary contact of surfaces and increasing the use of antibacterial hand sanitisers.

What you, our families, can do:

  • Provide anti-bacterial hand sanitiser for use by your child throughout the visit. 

  • Remind your child to cover their mouth using their elbow rather than their hand when they cough or sneeze 

  • If you suspect that you or your child (if you are the Lives With Parent) have been exposed to anyone who has tested positive to COVID-19 you should contact the service immediately. 

  • If you and your child (if you are the Lives With Parent) have had any flu like symptoms in the past 48 hours you should immediately contact the service. 

  • If you or your child (if you are the Lives With Parent) show any flu like symptoms in the future, you should immediately advise the service 

  • If you or your child  (if you are the Lives With Parent) come into  contact with anyone who is suspected of/ or has tested positive to COVID-19, you should immediately contact the service.

Ongoing Communication 

As this situation progresses, our management team will continue to seek ongoing advice from our medical expert as well as monitor advice from the relevant government agencies. As we make decisions based on the latest available information, we will pass the information on to our families by email.  We have also started an information page for our families on our website that can assist you in keeping up to date with the latest information and advice we are seeing.  You can find the page using the button below. Moving Forward Finally, our management team is working tirelessly to ensure that children continue to have contact with both of their parents throughout this situation. We continue to improve our future stages of our COVID-19 management plan, should they become necessary, to ensure that this can be done in a safe and responsible manner. As always, the children remain our number one priority. 

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