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Consent (for Kids!): Boundaries, Respect, and Being in Charge of You

Consent (for Kids!): Boundaries, Respect, and Being in Charge of You


With clear explanations, fun illustrations, and expertly-presented information, Consent (for Kids!) is an empowering introduction to consent, bodily autonomy, and respect for yourself and others. 

Consent is like being ruler of your own country...population: YOU.


This is a smart, playful guide to consent and bodily autonomy, packed with bright and energetic illustrations. Readers will learn about boundaries and how to set them; ways to respect themselves and others; what to do if someone makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe; and much more. Along the way, they'll be encouraged to reflect on (and improve!) their own behavior and to practice consent in their daily lives. 


Whether you're looking for a consent primer to share with a friend or searching for a way to talk to your child about what it means to be in control of their own body and respect others', look no further! This humorous and insightful book from the co-creator of the viral "Tea Consent" video is the perfect teaching tool, conversation starter, and insightful, empowering resource for educators, kids, and families everywhere.

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